The hub for all Unmanned Aerial System activities in the state of Hawai‘i

Ted Ralston: UAS Program Director. PC Darrell Leong

Ted Ralston: UAS Program Director. PC Darrell Leong


Established under the University of Hawaii Applied Research Laboratory Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) program, UAS Hawaii will guide the safe, legal, and coordinated operation of UAS in Hawaii at the University, local, and state level, and push the development and integration of UAS technology with the Hawaiian workforce. 

UAS technology allows students of all ages to spread their wings. The University of Hawai‘i, Community Colleges, and K-12 schools inspire student creativity with UAS. 

As a part of the Pan Pacific Unmanned Test Range Complex along with Alaska, Oregon, Mississippi, and Kansas, UAS Hawai‘i can use Hawaii's unique climate and geology to test UAS aircraft, sensors, and software in extreme environments beyond current FAA regulations.

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