Eight Stages of the Commercial Drone Technology Evolution

There have been at least eight distinct levels of evolution within commercial drone technology, beginning with simply getting drones into the air reliably and culminating with complete industry- and application-specific solutions that enable organization-wide benefits. The early stages of this continuum were achieved years ago; the advanced stages are on the cutting edge and are in the process of being developed and tested today.

One: Affordable and Reliable Flight Control Systems

Two: Autonomy

Three: Reliable Data Collection

Four: Data Collection at Scale

Five: Data Management

Six: Machine Learning

Seven: Industry- and Application-Specific Analytics

Eight: Systems Integration


Written by Don Weigel at Unmanned Aerial Online

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This article is adapted from a blog post by Don Weigel, vice president of professional services at Airware. He previously served as Airware’s vice president of product and led the development and launch of the first release of the company’s Aerial Information Platform.